Annie Sloan Interview — Chalk Paint Creator

You probably know her from the line of Chalk Paint she created, but did you know that Annie Sloan also designs fabric? I learned a few other interesting things about Annie Sloan while doing a bit of reading and research on her recently. Check out some of the answers she gave me for the interview questions I asked below.

annie sloan interview

1) I’ve seen so many creative projects created using Chalk Paint! Can you tell me about a favourite project that you or someone else has put together?

Goodness, so so many things that have been done! In Canada everyone is doing such beautiful things particularly Diamonds & Toads in St Thomas, Ontario but a bit of a standout is Malenka Originals in Ottawa who does quite quirky modern designs.

2) What are your favourite paint colours for fall 2013? How do you decide what new colours to add to the collection?

Blues are still very important but maybe as we get more optimistic, brighter blues will be more important. Bright yellow will be used more and more too.

3) I understand that you come up with the names of all your paints. Do you have a particular formula for this? For instance, do you think of the name first and select a colour that represents what the name relates to, or do you create the colour first?

The colour definitely happens first! I know where it originates, its background and history, so the name follows easily.

4)  In what ways do you think people can use your Chalk Paint and fabric collection to make quick changes to their décor this season?

So many ways but painting and dying fabric are getting people very excited! It’s not just for furniture! I have been painting and waxing walls too! So cool!
About Annie Sloan:
Personal Annie Sloan lives and works in Oxford, England with her husband David who runs the business with her. Born in Australia to a Scottish father and a Fijian mother, she came to England to a farming life in Kent when she was ten years old. With spells in Southern Africa and connections to France, Cuba and the US she feels she has world roots. She has three sons all in their twenties and has lived in Oxford for the last twenty five years.

Career Annie Sloan is probably the main reason for the painted furniture revolution through her easy, lively and creative approach to painting. She has a strong desire to communicate and empower people creatively which she does through her books, workshops and paint.
She has been painting for over 40 years as well as writing numerous books on the subject. She has made her own very special decorative paint called Chalk Paint®, which is specifically designed for furniture, that can also be used on walls, floors and in paintings. This paint has been developed through Annie’s knowledge of paint, pigments and art history.

Annie Sloan


Looking for inspiration on how to use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint? Check out the Annie Sloan Unfolded blog.

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  1. What a great interview on Annie Sloan!!

  2. Interesting! Blues and yellows on trend; got it! Would love to tackle a milk paint project sometime.

  3. I have always liked the look of chalk paint! Enjoyed your interview and heading over to your pinterest board. Have a great week!

  4. Hey Tazim, me again, couldn’t get to your pinterest board from the link. Just thought I would let you know.

  5. Thanks so much for the opportunity to get to know Annie better. I think I am the only one in the world that has not used her paints! 😉 I can’t wait to try painting with it!

    • I haven’t used them yet, either! BUT – I just found out that I won some from the Vancouver Home and Design Show (where Annie Sloan recently spoke) – so I’ll be able to check it out soon!

  6. That was very interesting. Thanks so much! I have never used her paint before, but would love to.

  7. Those blues are fantastic! Loved the interview – I didn’t know she was an Aussie!