Turn Your Child’s School Art Into The Perfect Conversation Piece

Turn that art work into the master piece you and your child feel it is.

When my son was in pre-k his teacher requested we go to an art store and purchase an 11 x 14 acrylic frame. Well, since he was my only child I went a little overboard.

She said “Please purchase a 11 x 14 frame so that you rotate their bi-weekly art work and display it in your home.”

I heard: “Buy a couple of frames because your son is so gifted!”


And gifted he was. Seriously… He saw art lessons from a different angle and fell in love with water colors and the different forms of art mediums. What took other students the allotted two weeks would take my son three to four weeks. Those works would eventually be entered into local competitions. When he went to Kindergarten the art teacher made the same request about the picture frame to purchase.

However, I also heard that I should start taking his art work to be professionally framed. That is what I have done ever since. Let me tell you—those art pieces make excellent conversation pieces throughout my home. I even had him sign them in the bottom corner before framing. So yes, make your child’s art work into MAJOR conversation pieces. At twenty one years old he still delights in the joy we shared by this simple gesture.

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Why You Should Change Your Décor According To Seasons

change out your decor according to the seasons

New seasons bring change and what better way to embrace the change than with your décor. I love sprucing things up around the house with accent décor. The options are endless and so inspiring. Here are five tips for decorating according to seasons.

1. Select a theme accent color for throughout. This color can be one you just love or it can be one of Pantone colors from the color pallets of the year. Their spring color pallet:

pantone spring

…continue reading

DIY Motivational Poster

Do more of what you love. Seems simple, so why do I find it difficult to “get my creative on”? I mostly work from home on my computer—and not everything I do is very exciting or soul-stirring. So, after the end of a ho-hum week, I decided to break-free and get out my paints and paint brushes.

I used to paint all the time, before all these voices started popping in my head about only doing things that are “worth it” (my mom’s voice in my head), so started to question every little thing I did that was creative.

SO—enough of that. How much does it matter what the end result is? The most important thing is the process, when it comes to creating. Just doing it is so much more freeing than worrying about perfection. With this little DIY project, I enjoyed creating something, the message really resonates with me, and it looks pretty sweet on my mantelpiece (a bonus):

DIY Motivational Poster

First, I roughly penciled out the sections on a sheet of watercolour paper to make sure the spacing would be okay. Then, I hand-lettered the text. I used Golden acrylic paint mixed with a bit of white paint and water. When I was finished colouring in the letters, I used a grey Sharpie to outline them. Done. Easy.

The painted mason jars was another project of mine, and I also painted the plant pot, so it all went together well.

What do you think of my Spring-time mantelpiece?

Antique Souvenir Finds & Travel Tips from Interior Designer Jillian Harris

I’m happy to have been introduced to CharlieFord.com, recently. If you like antique and vintage decorative items, you’ll love that site! They curate products on their site based around themes like “vintage rooms for little hipsters.”
Interior designer Jillian Harris recently had her collection on CharlieFord.com. She shares how to decorate using antique souvenirs found on her travels. Specifically, Jillian shares her favourite finds from her most recent UK adventure. I’m a big fan of decorating with unique pieces that are vintage or antique—especially pieces found while travelling. These decorative items will make you remember the trip you were on every time you look at them. Read more about Jillian Harris and her trip in this article: Jillian Harris story.
“Going on this trip with my parents and my boyfriend Justin was so exciting and special for me that I wanted to bring back some amazing antiques to help keep the memories alive. The good thing about picking in Europe is that you make incredible finds that would be quite rare in Canada, but the hard thing is choosing which ones to take home with you!”
As a passionate adventurer, I loved reading Jillian’s travel tips. I’m planning on heading to England in January, and Ireland next summer, so I’m loving these tips! I can’t wait to check out the antique shops and flea markets while I’m there.
antique-souvenir-finds for living room decor

Check out Jillian Harris’ travel tips:

  • Lodging – The Royal Park. This luxury boutique hotel boasts beautiful rooms and world-class service, and is within walking distance of Hyde Park. Perfect!
  • Dining – Anything that serves fish & chips and pours a decent pint of real ale. Scrumptious!
  • Shopping – skip typical destinations like Bond Street and opt for tucked away mom-and-pop shops to score those unexpected gems. Notting Hill is fab for coveted antiques and originals.
  • Sightseeing – The art gallery, Big Ben, and hop-on hop-off bus tours (a great way to see the sights in a short period of time, and way more fun than you might think!)
  • Lodging – B&Bs are a great way to save on cash and get a homey introduction to the local culture. The Fitzwilliam Hotel is a cozy spot to stay in Dublin, while Cahernane House is the perfect country inn to rest your head.
  • Dining – T. O’Brien is, according to Jillian, the best bar in the world. About the size of a broom cupboard and usually only host to a single patron (Tommy O’Brien’s best friend Mike), Jillian sat for hours shooting the breeze and slinging pints with these two Irishmen.
  • Shopping – Any antique shop in the town of Killarney is a favourite in Jilly’s books.
  • Sightseeing – Blarney Castle, of course! Other must-sees include Temple Bar (Dublin’s gorgeous cobbled street dating back to the Medieval times) and the breathtaking Cliffs of Moher.
  • Lodging – Edinburgh’s Radisson Blu will treat you like royalty and you can continue to live like a princess, if only for a night, at the stunning Dalmunzie Castle.
  • Dining – Biddy Mulligans, a wee little pub down Victoria Street, is just the spot at which to wet your whistle.
  • Shopping – The Highlands are chock full of vintage and antique shops that are ripe for the picking!
  • Sightseeing – St. Conan’s Kirk Loch Awe, a gorgeous cathedral that feels as old as time, transports you back to Medieval Scotland. If you have a hankering for spooky stories and traditional fantasy, take a trip to Urquhart Castle on the banks of Loch Ness.

I would love to have these 3 antique souvenir finds, from Jillian’s travels, in my living room – how about you?

Antique Door stop Living Room Ideas Living Room Ideas

Jillian’s world traveller décor tips:
  • Balance a modern living room with prints and etchings from times long past
  • Reminisce on rustic simplicity with antique crockery and accessories straight from the village creamery
  • Scope out intriguing design with antique binoculars and vintage telescopes
  • Live vicariously like a Victorian lady with dainty antique makeup jars and statement jewellery

Living Room Ideas

Wax Seal Tutorial with Video

 wax seal tutorial

I’ve been writing letters to penpals for as long as I can remember. I love so much about the process of writing, connecting with people around the world, and of course—being able to buy myself pretty stationery, too. My best friend bought me something this past Valentine’s Day that really touched me. He bought me a seal with my last initial and a stick of sealing wax. I love how in old movies people sealed their letters with a custom wax seal so that people would know for sure it was them who sent it.

One day, I hope to have a special letter-writing roll-top desk, like people used to have in their living rooms. For now, I write letters while watching movies, or while sitting at my vanity in my bedroom. …continue reading