Dining Room Decor Mood Board—September Link Up

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Because I love all things IKEA, I decided to go with IKEA products for my mood board this month. Since Claudia from DesignClaud selected FOOD as the theme this month, I put together a dining room decor mood board.

September DIY Mood Board Food Theme Bruschetta

Instead of a plain, neutral dining room, this colourful one is much more inviting and just. . .fun! I think I’d be more willing to use this dining room for other activities with these choices.

fall dining room decor

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DIY IKEA Painted Tables Before & After

A couple coats of paint from Benjamin Moore made this project possible.

When I first moved out of my mom’s house and in to a rental house I furnished my new place with products from IKEA. I’m sure many of you can relate, am I right? Over time, I acquired vintage furniture pieces that more closely suited my décor style (vintage modern). But, with all the moves, I ended up having to sell those lovely pieces of furniture. Where did I go first when tasked with purchasing new furniture for my apartment? IKEA of course! I picked up two table tops and two sets of 4 table legs with castors attached from IKEA. I love having these two tables on wheels. I often turn my desk to face my TV in the evening, so I can continue to work while I catch up on TV shows. My main living area is on the large size (for an apartment), so I enjoy being able to move my non-desk table around to get the best light for photos and crafting.

DIY painted table

Pine table top is VIKA FURUSKOG and legs are VIKA RUNTORP.

Total per table with legs, about $69.

I use one of these tables as my desk and the other one is a multi-purpose table, which is used for crafts, dining, photo staging, and so much more. you’ll notice that the finish on the two tales is different. I made the mistake of using a can of wood varnish from IKEA that must’ve been very old. It turned out very gloopy and textured. If the store was closer to me, I would have returned the rest of the varnish. …continue reading

Vintage Modern Metal Furniture from IKEA

vintage modern metal Vettre nightstand IKEA

 Traditionally, IKEA is known for its particle board or wooden furniture. I’ve been seeing an increase in the amount of metal pieces from IKEA, lately. The powder-coated steel end tables and coffee tables particularly appeal to me. I just love the vintage modern look of the furniture — it really has a timeless quality to it, and I know I’ll be using these pieces for years to come.…continue reading