How to Throw a DIY Bollywood Party

DIY Bollywood PartyColour. Shiny things. Sparkles. Luckily, all these can be found inexpensively or better yet—made. To put together a Bollywood party of your own, you just need to get creative, and get over the less-is-more attitude. . .that doesn’t apply when it comes to a Bollywood party!

One of my cousins recently got married, this past weekend, in Calgary. As with any traditional (or semi-traditional) Indian wedding, there are tons of different ceremonies. That means that there are lots of different venues, different occasions and different decorations to plan. Venue rentals, fashion and all the other necessities are already costly, so it’s a good idea to be frugal when it comes to the décor.

Too much is just enough

Bollywood is famous for producing colourful, shiny films. Whatever the occasion for your Bollywood themed party, be sure to decorate with plenty of colour!

With everything you’ll need for decorating your Bollywood party, try going to a dollar or craft store. My cousin and her sister (her bridesmaid) hit up Michael’s and the local dollar store, for most of their decorations. Saris, which are traditional Indian clothing, are typically very colourful—perfect for decorating. I’ve used saris (which are 6 yards of fabric long) to decorate tabletops, walls, and ceilings. In the picture above, you can see that saris were draped on the staircase banister.

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Happy Memories Lemonade Stand

It’s hot out. You’re thinking nothing could possibly quench your thirst and give you some sort of respite from the never-ending heat. Oh look! Your friendly neighbour has set up the perfect spot to gather and get to know one another. They’re serving pink lemonade (your favourite!), have umbrellas set-up to protect you from the sun’s rays, and there’s good music playing.

Jolly good! Does it get any better than this? Happy memories are being created, right here! As an introvert, I like to have something in my hands, like a drink or something to snack on, when I’m getting to know someone. It’s too hot out for coffee (my favourite beverage), but lemonade? Oh, yes please! My favourite colour combination is mint and salmon, which I used in the image below, in several variations. I can just picture huge trees with lots of green leaves on them, dogs and kids running around in the backyard. . .lots of laughter, and a cool breeze.

 Sigh. I often dream of that kind of a weekend, as I sit here in my apartment in Vancouver. I so crave a lively home surrounded by people I love.  I hope to have my family living close to me soon. 

Happy Memories Lemonade Stand

Game of Thrones Party Ideas

game of thrones party ideas

If I could have a themed birthday party or a halloween party, I would choose to have one with a Game of Thrones theme. There’s just something about the TV (and book) series that transports you to a different place. The fictional world of Game of Thrones draws in both fans of fantasy and those who are not. I suppose it doesn’t hurt that the TV series has some of the best actors on TV right now — and that many of them are also very handsome/beautiful.

One of my favourite things about the Game of Thrones TV series is t hat there isn’t just a good versus bad storyline – there are so many shades of grey, and so many different houses and characters to align with. Actually, it’s not easy to even pick one family to side with every episode, which is pretty unusual. I do have favourite characters, but I know none of them are perfect, and my allegiances tend to waver episode to episode.

Do you have a favourite house or character?

When thinking of ideas on how to create a Game of Thrones party, I came up with a lot of questions. How well do the houses get along? Should I have a general party look or one specific to a particular house only? I decided that, like my inconsistent loyalty to a particular house, this general Game of Thrones party would be appropriate.

 game of thrones party decorations

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