Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries Set Snaps

miss fisher's murder mysteries

One of my favourite shows is an Australian one named Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. It’s a TV show that takes place in Melbourne, Australia in the 1920s. Phyrne Fisher is a wealthy woman who leads a fashionable life  – and who happens to be a very clever investigator. The sets, costumes and scenery are absolutely stunning, and it seems as though the show has a huge budget for such things.

Although Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries(affiliate) has fairly traditional interiors, Phyrne is up on all the latest trends of the era, from her hair and clothing to the way she’s decorated her home. All together, the look may be overpowering, but if you take a look at specific elements, and implement those in to your décor, you’ll find that the overall look is very timeless. Take the schoolhouse pendant, in the picture below, for instance. Those types of lights would look at-home in a variety of homes and overall looks. Check out Phyrne’s blouse (don’t you want it?) – the colours are totally timeless. I could see a very cool painted pattern like this on a feature wall. Those sorts of subdued colours are just my style – as is the white, yellow and pale peach colours on the back wall. …continue reading