DIY Painted Easel Project

This easel was found at my local Habitat for Humanity ReStore for only $10. I love that it was donated by someone who didn’t need it anymore, found a new home in my apartment, plus the money I spent went to Habitat for Humanity.

This easel came to me unfinished and a bit rough looking. . .perfect for a DIY makeover! The first thing I did was lightly sand the easel. I then used Minwax’s Wood Finishing Cloths to add a bit of stain to the easel. You can read about my process and see the post stain before image on my Being Tazim blog.

I wanted to add a bit of colour to the easel to make it look more interesting, so I used Frog Tape’s new Scallop Shape Tape to mask out some sections on the leg and front part.

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DIY Motivational Poster

Do more of what you love. Seems simple, so why do I find it difficult to “get my creative on”? I mostly work from home on my computer—and not everything I do is very exciting or soul-stirring. So, after the end of a ho-hum week, I decided to break-free and get out my paints and paint brushes.

I used to paint all the time, before all these voices started popping in my head about only doing things that are “worth it” (my mom’s voice in my head), so started to question every little thing I did that was creative.

SO—enough of that. How much does it matter what the end result is? The most important thing is the process, when it comes to creating. Just doing it is so much more freeing than worrying about perfection. With this little DIY project, I enjoyed creating something, the message really resonates with me, and it looks pretty sweet on my mantelpiece (a bonus):

DIY Motivational Poster

First, I roughly penciled out the sections on a sheet of watercolour paper to make sure the spacing would be okay. Then, I hand-lettered the text. I used Golden acrylic paint mixed with a bit of white paint and water. When I was finished colouring in the letters, I used a grey Sharpie to outline them. Done. Easy.

The painted mason jars was another project of mine, and I also painted the plant pot, so it all went together well.

What do you think of my Spring-time mantelpiece?

DIY Paint Marker Project

diy paint marker project  - Thrifty Decor

I like to change out my décor seasonally; celebrate each season. Replacing all my décor can be costly, though. One thing I’ve found to help me be creative, while keeping my décor fresh is. . .markers! Fun, right? I picked up a few paint markers from Daiso and went to town painting geometric shapes on a few things in my apartment. I spray painted an aluminum can neon pink, and thought the mint green worked well with it. What do you think?

diy paint marker project  - Thrifty Decor