DIY Painted Easel Project

This easel was found at my local Habitat for Humanity ReStore for only $10. I love that it was donated by someone who didn’t need it anymore, found a new home in my apartment, plus the money I spent went to Habitat for Humanity.

This easel came to me unfinished and a bit rough looking. . .perfect for a DIY makeover! The first thing I did was lightly sand the easel. I then used Minwax’s Wood Finishing Cloths to add a bit of stain to the easel. You can read about my process and see the post stain before image on my Being Tazim blog.

I wanted to add a bit of colour to the easel to make it look more interesting, so I used Frog Tape’s new Scallop Shape Tape to mask out some sections on the leg and front part.

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DIY Pinterest-Inspired Poster

I was going through my pictures earlier and found these that I took of a poster I created. This DIY Pinterest-inspired poster has an inspiring message. I recently started a virtual assistant business, and am slowly moving more toward being able to do content creation and that business full time, which is really exciting!

happiness DIY Corkboard

I have had the paper for this poster for almost 10 years! It’s made of recycled newspapers from India. I used it because it reminds me of what I want to be doing…writing in some form or another.…continue reading

DIY Framed Ballet Art Project

Cool Ballet Theme Picture for a 5 year old

DIY Ballet Art

If you have a 5 year old girl who wants something fancy for her room & loves pink and has style & pizzazz, here is something that you can assemble together for creating a ballet theme picture!

I made these when I was decorating & designing my Daughter’s bedroom few years back and at that time she was all about Pink & Princess & Ballet as she was learning ballet at the time. So with all the other pink & purple touches and the flower stencils on the wall as well as the canopy over her bead I needed to put that last extra bit and I could not find an appropriate photo or picture that signifies her ballet. So I let my creative juices flow & came up with this Idea!!

Materials you will need

You’ll need 3D or Real Material stickers, some patterned paper & a unique picture frame. You will get most supplies in a dollar store if you want to design on a dime. Or, you could get all your items at Michael’s Store or a home décor store, especially if you are looking to buy some special frames. Sometimes you can find a good deal if you keep your eyes open for some discount deals or discontinued items that the store does not carry anymore. You can get these at quarter of the original sale price.…continue reading

Frugal Décor — What it Means to me

frugal decor

When I say frugal décor, what comes to mind?

I’m not talking about the price of home goods in the “low” of the “high and low” feature in magazines and websites. That “low” is still too pricey for me. Can you relate? 

Free is the best price for frugal décor

When I’m looking for furniture or home goods/accessories for my apartment, the first place that I look is Craigslist. I keep a running list of things that I am most interested in finding so I can focus when searching the website. I’ve had some good and not-so-good experiences using Craigslist to find free or inexpensive home goods, as well as selling items through the website. I’ll share my tips and tricks in a future post.

Other than Craigslist, there are many other sources for free products for your home, which I will also share with you in a future post. One source for free stuff is your friends and family — hand-me-downs, as they’re called. I don’t have furniture that my family has given me, but I do have several kitchen items, like pots and pans and a pressure cooker. It’s a good idea to let your friends and family know about pieces that you’re looking for, in case they’re wanting to get rid of something they own, or know someone else who does.

Frugal isn’t cheap

Disorganization and just giving up aren’t options — on any budget, creating a welcome and inviting home are key. I’ll show  you how to decorate and organize your home in such a way that your creativity and personality shine. I’ll share DIY projects, where to find the best decorative items and how to put everything together.

Look for frugal décor posts here, as that is the type of décor I can really stand behind. . .and soon, I’ll share different styles of décor that I really like, too.

Take a look at the DIY posts on my blog and also the Interior Design posts there. There are lots of great ideas on how to decorate your home on a dime.

What are your favourite ways to decorate without spending a fortune? 


Eco-Friendly DIY Home Décor Craft Project – Neon Triangle Garland

A few months ago I went to one of the local clothing stores’ warehouse sale, and bought a new top. Normally, I would put purchases in a reusable bag (that I have in my purse at all times), but I noticed how nice the shopping bag was and took it. The shopping bag had a great pattern on the inside, and neon orange cloth handles.

I’ve been working on re-decorating my apartment and have been wanting to add more colour to my décor.  It’s an ongoing process, adding in a few elements a bit at a time. Here is the finished craft project, with the little triangles, and the “so it goes” from the bottom of the shopping bag. I used every bit of the bag for this frugal décor project.

eco friendly craft DIY Decor Project

eco-friendly craft DIY

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