Annie Sloan Chalk Paint DIY Vintage Paint Refinish on Chairs

I’d heard about Chalk Paint in the past, and seen the different completed projects online, but I wasn’t sure how well the paint would work for me. Turns out, it’s easy to re-finish and revitalize vintage furniture with Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint! With the French Linen colour I got, I thought I’d paint one of the vintage church chairs I bought from The Habitat for Humanity ReStore last fall.

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Annie Sloan Interview — Chalk Paint Creator

You probably know her from the line of Chalk Paint she created, but did you know that Annie Sloan also designs fabric? I learned a few other interesting things about Annie Sloan while doing a bit of reading and research on her recently. Check out some of the answers she gave me for the interview questions I asked below.

annie sloan interview

1) I’ve seen so many creative projects created using Chalk Paint! Can you tell me about a favourite project that you or someone else has put together?

Goodness, so so many things that have been done! In Canada everyone is doing such beautiful things particularly Diamonds & Toads in St Thomas, Ontario but a bit of a standout is Malenka Originals in Ottawa who does quite quirky modern designs.

2) What are your favourite paint colours for fall 2013? How do you decide what new colours to add to the collection?

Blues are still very important but maybe as we get more optimistic, brighter blues will be more important. Bright yellow will be used more and more too.

3) I understand that you come up with the names of all your paints. Do you have a particular formula for this? For instance, do you think of the name first and select a colour that represents what the name relates to, or do you create the colour first?

The colour definitely happens first! I know where it originates, its background and history, so the name follows easily.

4)  In what ways do you think people can use your Chalk Paint and fabric collection to make quick changes to their décor this season?

So many ways but painting and dying fabric are getting people very excited! It’s not just for furniture! I have been painting and waxing walls too! So cool!…continue reading

Vintage Modern Metal Furniture from IKEA

vintage modern metal Vettre nightstand IKEA

 Traditionally, IKEA is known for its particle board or wooden furniture. I’ve been seeing an increase in the amount of metal pieces from IKEA, lately. The powder-coated steel end tables and coffee tables particularly appeal to me. I just love the vintage modern look of the furniture — it really has a timeless quality to it, and I know I’ll be using these pieces for years to come.…continue reading