Annie Sloan Chalk Paint DIY Vintage Paint Refinish on Chairs

I’d heard about Chalk Paint in the past, and seen the different completed projects online, but I wasn’t sure how well the paint would work for me. Turns out, it’s easy to re-finish and revitalize vintage furniture with Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint! With the French Linen colour I got, I thought I’d paint one of the vintage church chairs I bought from The Habitat for Humanity ReStore last fall.

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Karim Rashid Dishes from Inglenuk Design #KarimRashid

Exclusive. Unique. Karim Rashid. All reasons why I feel lucky to own this gorgeous dish ware set. Of all the different patterns and sets available in the exclusive Karim Rashid line of dishes that Vancouver-based Inglenuk Designs carries, The Coup Line is my favourite.  The round plates fit well in my cupboards, and work well with the mint-coloured plates and bowls that I already own.

I really love the colours in the dishes—so bright and cheerful! What do you think? This set includes 6 dinner plates, 6 soup plates and 6 dessert plates. It also normally comes with matching tea cups/plates, but I decided to get the Fusion tea cup set instead. The round-edged rectangular plates and tea cups are a great contrast to the typically round plates. The colours work well together, wouldn’t you say? These dishes have a nice weight to them and I like the angle of the curve on the plates. It’s great to be able to have a set of 6 plates for when I have guests over.

Karim Rashid dishes

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DIY Framed Ballet Art Project

Cool Ballet Theme Picture for a 5 year old

DIY Ballet Art

If you have a 5 year old girl who wants something fancy for her room & loves pink and has style & pizzazz, here is something that you can assemble together for creating a ballet theme picture!

I made these when I was decorating & designing my Daughter’s bedroom few years back and at that time she was all about Pink & Princess & Ballet as she was learning ballet at the time. So with all the other pink & purple touches and the flower stencils on the wall as well as the canopy over her bead I needed to put that last extra bit and I could not find an appropriate photo or picture that signifies her ballet. So I let my creative juices flow & came up with this Idea!!

Materials you will need

You’ll need 3D or Real Material stickers, some patterned paper & a unique picture frame. You will get most supplies in a dollar store if you want to design on a dime. Or, you could get all your items at Michael’s Store or a home décor store, especially if you are looking to buy some special frames. Sometimes you can find a good deal if you keep your eyes open for some discount deals or discontinued items that the store does not carry anymore. You can get these at quarter of the original sale price.…continue reading

Vintage Modern Metal Furniture from IKEA

vintage modern metal Vettre nightstand IKEA

 Traditionally, IKEA is known for its particle board or wooden furniture. I’ve been seeing an increase in the amount of metal pieces from IKEA, lately. The powder-coated steel end tables and coffee tables particularly appeal to me. I just love the vintage modern look of the furniture — it really has a timeless quality to it, and I know I’ll be using these pieces for years to come.…continue reading

Vancouver’s Much & Little: Home Goods Store Tour

much & little store tour home goods vancouver

Vancouver has a style all its own. Vancouver is a young city with very few historical building, and a mostly grey and glassy downtown.

The buildings downtown have to fit in with a rigid style, so that the gorgeous mountain and ocean views can be appreciated — basically, it’s all glass. This doesn’t mean that Vancouver’s residents don’t enjoy classic décor, or only like stark interiors. I also love injecting my décor with pieces that look older than they are — vintage-style furniture and accessories. There’s no doubt that Vancouver is fresh and innovative – reflected in the modern building styles and interior spaces – but the combination of vintage and modern is what makes it unique.

I’m on a mission to find unique, interesting and quality home goods and furniture in Vancouver — especially moderately priced products. There are quite a few pockets in Vancouver, where home goods stores seem to congregate. Main St. has several of these pockets, dotted along the long North/South street. One of the most approachable and unique home goods stores that I came across in the Main St./Broadway area is Much & Little. …continue reading