Happy Memories Lemonade Stand

It’s hot out. You’re thinking nothing could possibly quench your thirst and give you some sort of respite from the never-ending heat. Oh look! Your friendly neighbour has set up the perfect spot to gather and get to know one another. They’re serving pink lemonade (your favourite!), have umbrellas set-up to protect you from the sun’s rays, and there’s good music playing.

Jolly good! Does it get any better than this? Happy memories are being created, right here! As an introvert, I like to have something in my hands, like a drink or something to snack on, when I’m getting to know someone. It’s too hot out for coffee (my favourite beverage), but lemonade? Oh, yes please! My favourite colour combination is mint and salmon, which I used in the image below, in several variations. I can just picture huge trees with lots of green leaves on them, dogs and kids running around in the backyard. . .lots of laughter, and a cool breeze.

 Sigh. I often dream of that kind of a weekend, as I sit here in my apartment in Vancouver. I so crave a lively home surrounded by people I love.  I hope to have my family living close to me soon. 

Happy Memories Lemonade Stand

Why You Should Change Your Décor According To Seasons

change out your decor according to the seasons

New seasons bring change and what better way to embrace the change than with your décor. I love sprucing things up around the house with accent décor. The options are endless and so inspiring. Here are five tips for decorating according to seasons.

1. Select a theme accent color for throughout. This color can be one you just love or it can be one of Pantone colors from the color pallets of the year. Their spring color pallet:

pantone spring

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DIY Painted Mason Jar Project with Video

Mason jars—not just for canning food. I’m sure you’ve seen hundreds of great ideas on Pinterest for ways to use Mason jars. One project that I decided to take on recently was painting mason jars. I’ve been seeing them online for a while and have seen a few different techniques for how to paint them. See the video below to find out what I used to paint the Mason jars that I received from Canadian Tire.

DIY Painted Mason Jars

Instead of using regular acrylic paint and then worrying about having proper ventilation for adding a sealant to the jars, I picked up a few colours of Martha Stewart Multi-Surface paint. The paint comes in glitter, pearl and satin finishes. Depending on what look you’re going for, and what season you’re decorating around, it might be nice to have a glitter finish.…continue reading